Production of PowerStar 40 high-voltage connections

Crimping machines for high-voltage applications

For the production of high-voltage connections of the Hirschmann Automotive PowerStar 40 system, Schäfer offers specially developed crimping machines.

First, the terminals of the HCT4 system are crimped on two-core sheathed cables with an EPS2001 machine. In the second step, these cables are connected to the PowerStar HPS40 plugs by means of pressed shielding sleeves with an EPS3000 machine. Depending on the PowerStar 40 variant additional processing steps take place.

With integrated functions for quality assurance, global automotive standards are taken into account and plug connections succeed for the highest demands in electric mobility.

Schäfer crimping machines are currently available for the following variants of the PowerStar 40 system from Hirschmann Automotive:

  • PowerStar 40 HPS40-2 (EVS 100096, EVS 100097)
  • PowerStar 40 4+2 POL (EVS 100108)
  • PowerStar 40-2-SCC HPS40-2 (EVS 100111)
  • PowerStar 40-2 In-Line (EVS 100113)
  • PowerStar 40-2 In-Line-SSC (EVS 100132)

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