Doing something for your own health and protecting the environment?

This is possible with a job bike!

Schäfer offers its employees the opportunity to lease a bicycle at low cost through the company. Some employees are already taking advantage of this offer and come to work by bike every day. They report positive experiences, such as the balance to the office life and the physical fitness. Other advantages are the savings in fuel costs compared to the usual car ride and the personal contribution to reducing their own carbon footprint.

Employees at Schäfer’s headquarters in Bad Schönborn can obtain their company bike from the leasing provider “Jobrad” and thus additionally benefit from tax savings. This gives them the opportunity to ride their bike to work and also to use it for private activities, in everyday life or for sports. In principle, almost any type of bicycle is suitable as a company bike, including mountain bikes, racing bikes and e-bikes that support you at a speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour.

More and more employees are leaving their cars behind and cycling to work. With an attractive company bike, this is even more fun!
Further benefits for employees of Schäfer as well as current job offers can be found in our job portal.