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Data glasses for remote service

Data glasses enable completely hands-free interaction with people remotely by using an integrated camera and transmitting images and sound in real time. With this type of communication, the glasses user has both hands free for work and receives supporting information for it. For safe operation, data glasses typically have multiple microphones and active noise cancellation. The modern technical environment of the integrated Android operating system forms the basis for a wide range of software solutions. The camera enables high-resolution photo recordings and video chats.

Combination with Schäfer Assist

Paired with the Schäfer Assist software solution, the technology provides worldwide access to relevant product information and also direct contact with the service team. Specifically, customers receive support in various situations, promptly and efficiently, such as:

  • Help with disturbances in production processes
  • Presentation of machines for (pre-) acceptance tests and commissioning
  • Presentation of steps for training and maintenance
  • Demonstration of products for sales purposes

Further advantages of Schäfer Assist

Schäfer Assist helps increase productivity through fast, intuitive video and audio communication. Depending on the situation and requirements, the use of data glasses in combination with Schäfer Assist offers numerous advantages:

  • Simple know-how transfer by the help of experts
  • Optimized process flows
  • Savings in staff costs
  • Climate protection
  • Reduced travel expenses