The new Generation Crimping Applicators

The latest generation of Schäfer crimping applicators impress with advancements in function, design, and application. The various innovations offer advantages for work preparation and for setting up crimping machines, thus enabling high precision in cable production to be achieved more easily and quickly.

The development of the new crimping applicators has benefited from Schäfer’s many years of experience, so that usual functions have been further optimized and can now be operated even more easily. The compact construction facilitates easy handling and allows for integration into tight installation spaces. The robust design of the applicators, combined with the interchangeable and highly durable wear parts, provide the most precise crimping results with long service life.

The new crimping applicators have been developed in two versions, one with mechanical terminal feed and the other with pneumatic feed, covering a wide range of applications in cable processing. Specifically, terminals can be crimped onto wires with cross-sections of up to 6 mm².

Optimized adjustability for maximum precision

The precise adjustment of the wire crimp and insulation crimp heights separately from each other is achieved with the completely redesigned crimp height adjustment head. The partial mutual interference present in earlier models has been eliminated by the complete mechanical decoupling of the adjustment rings.

Depending on the wire cross-section, there are two options available for crimp height adjustment. For smaller cross-sections, the adjustment range is 1.5 mm with an accuracy of 0.01 mm, while the adjustment range of 3 mm with 0.02 mm accuracy is ideal for larger cross-sections.

For optional fine adjustment of the crimping geometry, the feed table or finger is equipped with a tool-less adjustable clamping device. The high-precision roller bearings in the feed ensure high accuracy in terminal feeding.

Easy handling and high compatibility

The wear parts of the new applicators are compatible with previous generations. The crimp dies, for both the wire crimp and the insulation crimp, can be changed quickly and easily, even when the crimping applicator is installed in the machine.

The easily integrated, optional counter determines the number of crimping operations performed by the applicators. The design for the standardized press closing height of 135.78 mm and the mounting in the machine using the usual quick-clamping device allows for use in common Schäfer crimping machines with up to 20 kN pressing force.

With the easily integrable optional counter, the crimping operations performed are determined on the applicator side.

Advantages at a glance

With the new Schäfer crimping applicators, you simplify adjustment work and thus reduce machine downtime. The high precision of terminal feeding and feed, as well as crimp height adjustment, ensure precise crimp connections and thus enhance the quality of your cable production. Other innovations are:

  • Adaptive crimp height adjustment
  • Fully independently adjustable crimp heights
  • Tool-free adjustment for adapting crimp geometry
  • Interchangeable crimp dies
  • Wear parts compatible with previous generations
  • Mechanical counter easily integrated
  • Robust design and long service life of wear parts

High-precise Crimping Applicators