Software Solutions

Schäfer offers innovative software for the operation and networking of machines in the sense of a Smart Factory in wire and terminal processing. Digital solutions for audiovisual support and data service in various operating situations as well as for the monitoring of machine parks open up new possibilities on the way to Industry 4.0.

Intuitive control of crimping machines

The HMI software STI is used in machines and processing stations from Schäfer. The user-friendly touch screen enables safe navigation for operating and setting up the machine. The operator interacts via a structured and clear user interface, enabling him to understand the safe handling of the machine even in complex work processes.

Safety control of fully automatic machines

The WireStar machine software supports optimum process sequences for high-quality production results both through reliable and delay-free data availability and through the user-friendly user interface. WireStar’s networkability contributes to central process coordination and is supported by extensive and configurable database management.

Remote service and documentations

Schäfer offers the Assist software platform for audiovisual support in various operating situations such as maintenance, service or training. As a pioneer of the change to Industry 4.0 in wire and terminal processing, Assist provides permanent access to relevant product information worldwide, including operating instructions and training videos.

Networking the machine park

Schäfer Connect, a networking platform for communication between machines and the customer’s IT system (e.g. ERP/MES), is another pioneer of the change to a Smart Factory in wire and terminal processing. Connect can support the monitoring of the machine park and thus contribute to the reduction of downtimes and non-productive times.