The central interface for machine networking

Trendsetting software platform

Schäfer Connect is the modern solution for integrating Schäfer machines into customer production and company control systems such as MES or ERP. Here, the data is provided via an OPC UA interface and allows bidirectional communication, regardless of the design of the machinery.

Using an intuitive web dashboard, Schäfer Connect allows you to exchange production data with networked machines from anywhere and to coordinate user rights. Connect thus helps modernize your production on the way to the smart factory and makes produced quality transparent and traceable for you.

One-time installation, easy extension

Customer-specific integrations and communication workflows are created once in Connect so that they can be applied to additional machines. The integration of any Schäfer machine is thus automatically handled by Schäfer Connect in the prepared configuration.

Security through separate networks

For the realization of solutions with the goal of the intelligent factory, the networking of the productive area is an important basis. As a separate network, Schäfer Connect provides the secure environment for your machinery in addition to the usual infrastructure. Access directly to the machine from the company network and from outside is prevented.

Licensing of the software

The functional range of Schäfer Connect is continuously developing. Starting with one-time, permanent machine licenses, function extensions can be added as needed. The basic version includes the standard functions, which can be configured via a web dashboard. Various extensions are optionally available.

Innovation through commitment

In summary, Connect provides you with the following advantages:

  • Machine networking to customer IT systems
  • Actual monitoring of wire processing machines
  • Production messages about malfunctions and machine status
  • Low installation effort
  • Cost-effective license variants
  • Extensible range of functions
  • Increased efficiency and productivity

Product brochure

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Standard functions

Communication A comprehensive data set with production and quality data from connected Schäfer machines is communicated live to the customer's ERP/MES system.
Data import Sending of settings and production releases from the customer's MES/ERP system to the connected Schäfer machines, e.g. for production release.
Data mapping Drag & drop adaptation of all offered data points to represent the customer's OPC UA structure and data types.
User management for machine Central administration and setting of user rights on the connected machines.
Maintenance Various maintenance functions are available and can be started directly from the connect dashboard.
License management Additional licenses can be added and managed in the Connect dashboard.
User management for system Multiple users can be created and managed for use with the Connect dashboard.


Data buffering To ensure complete data sets without stopping production in the event of network problems, data buffering can be additionally licensed. This allows the loaded production batch to be completed even in the event of a network failure, or production can continue for up to 45 minutes without data loss.
Extended CPM data set This function enables the transfer of detailed data from crimp force monitoring for extensive evaluation and detailed quality assurance beyond the basic data for crimp force monitoring (crimp force and associated tolerances).
Remote maintenance All connected machines and the Connect system are remotely maintained by enabling the customer via a key switch. Here, the connection status is displayed via the indicator light. Security through separate networks is maintained.
Scanning barcode labels The processing of scanned barcode information, for example to identify the product for quality assurance, is made possible by this optional Connect function.