Machine Control Software

Intuitive operation

The STI controller is used in crimping machines and automated systems from Schäfer. The user-friendly touch screen enables simple and safe navigation for operating and setting up the machine.

The operator interacts via a touch screen, enabling him to understand how to handle the machine safely, especially in complex work processes. This increases the user‘s understanding of both the software and the machine.

Innovative user interface

The graphic user guidance and the clear menu structure guarantees reliable and delay-free data availability for optimum process sequences and production results. The user interface is available in numerous languages and offers the option of individual function expansions.

Optimal production processes

The user-oriented focus on production ensures effective workflows. For example, the upcoming production can be combined with the necessary test steps during the conversion work in STI. This test data is generated regularly and is available for the extended test process and for quality documentation.

Innovation through Commitment

In summary STI provides you with the following advantages:

• Operation via touch screen
• Instant availability of data
• Higher efficiency of setup and service personnel
• Improved machine utilization
• Optimized manufacturing processes
• Datasets reusable between crimping machines

Product brochure

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