Schäfer AuveM

Flexible System for Wire and Terminal Processing

High flexibility

AuveM stands for Automated Wire and Terminal Processing based on Robotics and Modularization. Schäfer is putting the current customer-specific requirements for cable processing into practice with this future-oriented solution.

The system is particularly suitable for a high variety of products with simultaneously low quantities and is implemented with a high degree of automation.

Modularizable system

AuveM is an innovative complete solution for cable assembly, which complements the product portfolio from conventional manual workstations to fully automatic machines. The AuveM system can be assembled in modules from existing cable processing machines and modules for a wide variety of cable and terminal types.

Existing devices for straightening, stripping, crimping, plugging, latching, setting down and testing can also be further developed and integrated into AuveM. A robot takes care of transporting the intermediate products during the production and testing steps.

Flexibilization up to „Batch Size 1”

The flexibility of AuveM is primarily achieved through the processing stations that can be arranged in any order, the optical referencing technology and the central robot. The goal of fully automated flexible production is also achieved in conjunction with „processing recipes“ within the application software.

The short set-up times, the integration of quality assurance and the optional networking for central production coordination enable high machine utilization.

Intuitive operation

The machine display of the WireStar operating software supports simple process control and makes it easier to understand the software and the machine. The full range of functions is also available on a tablet PC, regardless of where the machine is installed.

Quality as a controlled variable

Starting as early as the conversion work, the upcoming production can be combined with the necessary test steps. This allows test stations to be integrated into AuveM at exposed points in a modular manner in order to ensure the achieved quality from the material feed, during cable production and directly on the final product with 360° images. The test data is thus reliably generated and is available for the extended test process.

AuveM guarantees 100% traceability of the processed product back to the raw material as well as logging of the production and quality processes. The relevant quality assurance features of the parameters and production steps can be used retroactively via database and interface functions to ensure production quality.

Innovation through Commitment

In summary, AuveM provides you with the following advantages:

• Highly flexible processing system
• Automation and economy even with „Batch Size 1”
• Integration of existing machines
• Processing and test stations easily exchangeable and expandable
• 100% documentation of relevant parameters and steps

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