Crimp Force Monitoring System BB07i4

High Quality Standards in Wire Processing

Extension for crimping machines

For quality assurance in wire production, Schäfer offers the latest generation of the BB07i crimp force monitor. The optional system can be installed in almost all crimping machines and fully automatic crimping machines from Schäfer and integrated into the control system. The parameters and the measured values are output via a touch display within the STI control system or via the user interface of the WireStar machine software.

New sensor for precise detection

Paired with the new SDS100 crimp force sensor, the system enables high measurement accuracy and true force calibration capability for high quality standards in wire processing. The sensor, specially developed by Schäfer for quality monitoring, is installed on the connecting rod of the press and detects the forces that occur during the crimping process. This positioning in the direct force flow provides precise and reproducible measured values.

Functionality of the system

Crimp quality is monitored during cable production by comparing the measured force with a reference, for example to detect missing strands or insulation in the crimp connection. A difference from the teached-in reference curve triggers an error message from the machine or, if a bad part cutter is installed, leads to cutting of the wire. This ensures that faulty cables cannot be used in further production.

Upgrading capability on machines

The later upgrade of the crimp force monitoring is easy to perform due to the compact design and the universal measuring principle. With proven measurement technology, the sensor can be easily set up or adjusted. This ensures consistently high measured value quality over the entire product life cycle of the crimping machine.

Extensive functions and software

For quick and easy changeover between different cable productions, defined references can be re-used and provided via the control system by means of “Multi-Setup”. The documentation and detailed analysis of the recorded crimp forces is carried out with the optional “BB07 Manager” software. This enables statistical evaluations and the monitoring of several productions or machines simultaneously.

Advantages for cable production

In summary, the BB07i4 crimp force monitor with SDS100 sensor offers the following advantages in cable production:

  • True force measurement
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Reproducible measured values
  • Fast production changeover
  • Easy upgrade in EPS crimping machines
  • Extensive statistical evaluations

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