Crimp Quality Sensor SDS100

Evaluation of the crimp quality

New quality benchmarks

The SDS100 crimp quality sensor sets new quality standards in cable processing with its high measuring accuracy and true force calibration.

Immediate recording of measured values

The new sensor for crimp force monitoring uses robust and proven measuring technology to detect the forces occurring during the crimping process. The process-oriented positioning of the sensor directly on the connecting rod of the press and the signal amplification already inside the sensor support precise and reproducible measured values and reliable data transmission to the evaluation unit.

One-time installation, simple expansion

The sensor and the software can be used on all Schäfer crimping machines, configured as eccentric presses. The retrofitting of presses from the existing machine park is also possible and can be checked in individual cases.

Crimpmaschine EPS 2002 SCM

The subsequent extension of the crimp force monitoring is easy to implement thanks to the compact design and the universal measuring principle.

The calibratable measuring technology provides easy setup or adjustment for the crimp quality sensor. This ensures consistently high measurement quality over the entire product life cycle of the crimping machine.

100% quality assurance

For crimp quality evaluation, all crimping processes are evaluated and compared with the specified reference data within the control system.

Various evaluation algorithms and setting options can be set and managed here. As a result, the optimum configuration can easily be used for each monitoring task.

The produced cable is released by the monitoring for further processing. If the production of a cable was rejected, the cable is not released, e.g. it is transported to the bad part cutter and cut up, preventing any defective product from entering the current production batch.

Innovation through commitment

In summary, the crimp quality sensor from Schäfer provides you with the following advantages:

  • Immediate real-force measured value acquisition
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Reproducible measured values
  • Can be retrofitted in EPS crimping machines
  • Interchangeable signal line
  • Calibratable measurement technology

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