Friction Welding Tools

Individual tools

Schäfer fabricates precision friction welding tools for joining thermoplastic components. In close cooperation with customers these tools are designed, fabricated, tested and readied for series production. Their high quality guarantees a long service life.

The joints produced are characterized by high strength, tightness and reproducibility. The process lends itself well to automation and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Friction welding tools from Schäfer are used by major auto manufacturers in series production processes, for instance the connections between light cover panels and light housings.

Solutions for friction welding

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Various tools and dies

Your welding tool

Our technical experts will support and advise you in case of your interest in our products or if you need support by operating Schäfer tools and molding dies.

Manufacturing capabilities

We have diverse die solutions as well as series production of stamped parts and sample parts in our portfolio. We also produce fixtures for gauging and testing.

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