Plastic Injection Molds

Individual injection molds

Schäfer designs and fabricates injection molds for thermoplastic or thermosetting materials and provides expert support services even in the development process, for instance in the product design and mold engineering stage. Any desired surface finish can be provided, for instance lasered, eroded or etched textures, brush or high polish finishes. Each single mold is subjected to extensive testing verifying its suitability for series production.

Schäfer’s services include fabrication of small and medium-size batches, quick repair services in the event of operating trouble, mold maintenance at agreed intervals as well as supply of spare parts.

Solutions for injection of thermoplastic

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Various tools and dies

Your injection mold

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Manufacturing capabilities

We have diverse die solutions as well as series production of stamped parts and sample parts in our portfolio. We also produce fixtures for gauging and testing.

Jobs at Schäfer

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