Press Analysis System PAS100

Mobile system for testing and factory calibration

Quality assurance in cable production

High quality standards apply to the production of cables and cable harnesses, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. Regular testing of machines and their quality assurance equipment helps to ensure compliance with the requirements.

Schaefer’s PAS100 press analysis system supports quality assurance in series production by performing machine capability tests of crimping presses and factory calibrations of crimp force monitoring systems.

Testing the accuracy of crimp presses

The machine capability analysis is a performance test of the machine. In this test, the machine performs a number of cycles that can be determined by the PAS100. The press force achieved in each press cycle is recorded.

If the measured values are within the specified tolerances with statistical certainty, the machine passes the test and can be used in production. The environmental conditions, tested parameters and associated results are documented in detail in a report.

Factory calibration of crimp force monitoring systems

Ensuring crimp quality is done by monitoring the crimp force during cable production. A comparison of the measured force with a reference leads to the detection of missing strands or insulation in the crimp connection as well as other faults.

The PAS100 allows factory calibration of the combination of crimping machine and crimp force measurement system to be tested. Depending on the machine equipment, the machine cycles are triggered manually or automatically by the selected mode of the PAS100.

For modern Schaefer crimp force monitoring systems, the calibration processes can thus be run through fully automatically. Third-party systems can also be calibrated. If there is no software connection, the measured values can also be entered directly via the user interface of the PAS100. Detailed documentation with statistical evaluation of the results is provided in a report as proof of the correct function of the crimp force measuring system.

Calibration as factory standard

To ensure that the PAS100 has the required measuring accuracy, this factory standard must be recalibrated annually. Schäfer offers this service through its worldwide subsidiaries and, if necessary, in cooperation with certified laboratories on site. This includes the mechanical and electrical inspection of the system, the entry of the new calibration values and the new calibration date. The result of the test is a factory calibration record with statistical evaluation and overall assessment as proof for quality assurance in cable production.

Simple operation

The PAS100 control system features a touch screen with intuitive user interface for easy and safe operation in different languages. The included replaceable rechargeable battery allows up to 10 hours of mains-independent operation, providing high flexibility, especially for mobile use. The results remain stored on the device until they are transferred to the associated PC software. The report is generated and output as a PDF file on the PC.

Advantages of the analysis system

  • Fast and easy press analysis
  • Reliable machine capability testing
  • Fully automatic factory calibrations
  • High flexibility for mobile use
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Detailed logging
  • Annual recalibration

Product brochure

Brochure as a PDF document

Illustrations of the product are exemplary and may show options as well as specific equipment.


  • Calibration tool
  • Control unit
  • Connection cable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Case
  • PC software

Optional equipment

  • Adapter for other press closing heights
  • Cable for automatic press release
  • Power supply unit for mains operation
  • Spare battery with power supply

Technical Data

Performance and geometry

max. Press force 100 kN + 50% overload safety
Press Shut Height 135.78 mm [1]
Measuring range 135.28 – 136.98 mm [1]

Control and operation

Display Touchscreen
Usage time in mobile operation approx. 10 h

Supplies and interfaces

Power supply via 24V battery, charged via power supply unit 110V-230 V, 50/60 Hz
Network RJ-45

Dimensions and weight

Width x depth x height 400 x 300 x 220 mm [2]
Weight 9.9 kg [2]

[1] Adjustable through optional adapters
[2] Complete system inclusive case

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