Crimp Quality Laboratory SQS02-P

Mobile Micrograph Analysis of Crimp Connections

On-site quality control

The compact micrograph laboratory SQS02-P is ideal for creating mobile micrographs. A handy case holds the cutting and grinding device, microscope and all necessary utensils. This enables you to quickly and easily create meaningful micrographs on site.

Production control and quality assurance

The laboratory is suitable for mobile implementation in the production area for random samples, and in the QA department for documentation. Micrographs are produced at defined control intervals for this purpose. Checking the quality parameters before and during production minimizes rejects and prevents complaints.

Microscopic evaluation

The analysis of the micrograph determines whether the valid quality criteria were met during production. To this end, after grinding, polishing and cleaning, the fixed cut surface is focused under the microscope. The micrograph is then displayed on a monitor using Schäfer‘s special software and is available for evaluation and documentation.

Conforms to the machinery directive

The crimp quality laboratory fully complies with all European directives regarding mechanical and electrical safety as well as electromagnetic compatibility.

Innovation through commitment

In summary, the mobile crimp quality laboratory from Schäfer provides you with the following advantages:
• Flexible usability thanks to changing installation location
• Software-supported micrograph evaluation
• Process optimization after microsection analysis
• Documentation of the quality inspection
• Can be combined with test reports of the SQS15 pull-off force measuring device

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