Stripping Machine ST215W

Stripping of single wires and coaxial cables

Innovative wayback function

The new stripping machine ST215W for wires with small cross section is equipped with a way-back function. This enhances the stripping quality even more particularly when processing wires with larger cross section tolerances. In addition, the ST215W features the ability to turn off the rotation of the blades during insulation pull off if twisting of the strands is not desired.

High precision

The coating is removed by cutting with rotating blades and strip-off in one single step. This innovative procedure allows processing of micro coax cables as well as Teflon or Kapton coated cables. Furthermore, wires are twisted during the stripping process. The high precision avoids damage to wires or dielectric.

Adjustable parameters

The compact design of the cutting head allows very short stripping length of the outer jacket. In addition, a centring unit allows very high precision stripping for high-end applications. The centring unit is infinitely adjustable and assures that the cable is centred respectively to the cutting blades. User influences regarding the stripping quality are eliminated. The system makes the machine available even for aerospace applications.

Conform with the machinery directive

The ST215W for stripping cables fully complies with the European directives
regarding mechanical and electrical safety as well as electromagnetic compatibility.

The stripping machine impresses, due to its high quality workmanship, longevity and guaranties flexibility with sustained high productivity.

Optional extensions

The following options are available for the ST215W:

  • Centring unit
  • Stripping blades
  • Foot pedal
  • Micro filter for compressed air

Technical Data

Processable materials

Wire Single wire, jacket cable, coax, etc.
Cable outer diameter: Max. 2,5 mm
Wire diameter: 0,08 mm – 2,0 mm, AWG 12 – 40 [1]
Insulation: Teflon, PVC, Kynar, Kapton
Shielding: Copper, stainless steel


Stripping lengths Max. 13 mm
Outer jacket stripping length Min. < 10 mm [1]
Rotation/twisting time 0,3 s – 6,2 s (10 Steps)
Rotation/twisting direction Left or right

Performance and geometry

Cutting head Rotary head
Number of stripping blades 4


Diameter Infinitely
Length Infinitely


Diameter 0,05 mm
Length 1,0 mm

Supplies and interfaces

Power supply 100-230 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 24 VDC
Compressed air 5 – 12 bar

Dimensions and weight

Length x width x height 210 x 54 x 126 mm
Weight 0,85 kg

[1] Depending on material an type of wire.

Product brochure

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