Stripping and Twisting Machine ST730

Stripping of single wires and coaxial cables

Precise stripping

The ST730 meets all the requirements for a flexible wire processing machine. Challenging stripping of coax- or triaxial cable is a breeze for the ST730 to handle. Of course, multi-conductor cable or single wire with special insulation such as Kapton or Teflon can also be processed.

Defined parameters

Set up times are practically eliminated because when selecting stored cable parameters the machine sets itself up. The job is further simplified through the build in counter and the ability of setting sequences.

Intuitive operation

The safe and easy operation via the colorful touch screen allows for quick and reliable machine settings when changing to a different cable. Stripping parameters can be protected by selecting a password through authorized personnel.

Conform with the machinery directive

The ST730 fully complies with the European directives regarding mechanical and electrical safety as well as electromagnetic compatibility.

The stripping machine ST730 impresses, due to its high quality workmanship, longevity and guaranties flexibility with sustained high productivity.

Optional extensions

The following options are available for the ST730 stripping machine:

  • WinCoax PC software for data backup
  • Foot pedal with connection cable

Product brochure

Brochure as a PDF document

Illustrations of the product are exemplary and may show options as well as specific equipment.

Technical Data

Processable materials

Wire Single wire, jacket cable, coax, etc.
Cable outer diameter: Max. 7 mm
Insulation: Teflon, PVC, Kynar, Kapton
Shielding: Copper, stainless steel


Stripping length Max. 30 mm
Outer jacket stripping length Depending on material and type of wire
Stripping options Complete, partial, incremental
Stripping levels 9
Rotation/cutting time 4 s (3 Steps)
Rotation/twisting direction Left or right

Performance and geometry

Cutting head Rotary head
Number of stripping blades 2


Diameter 0,01 mm
Length 0,1 mm


Diameter 0,01 mm
Length 0,1 mm


Display Touchscreen
Job storage 100 cables with 9 steps

Supplies and interfaces

Power supply 100, 115, 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Compressed air Not required
Interface capability RS232

Dimensions and weight

Length x width x height 435 mm x 165 mm x 180 mm
Weight 8,4 kg

Subject to errors and alterations.