Fully automatic wire processing system

Wire processing machine for medicine applications

Flexible plants with transfer system

The high-performance wire processing machine is used for the production of high quality cables for medicine applications. On the prepared wires, crimp connections are manufactured with high precision and special connectors are applied.

Schäfer has many years of experience in the development and manufacture of tools and machines for the processing of individual wires. The basis of the fully automatic cable processing machine is a transfer system which transports the wires to the respective stations with shuttles.

Preparations for cable production

The two core wire is fed nearly tension-free by means of a specially developed wire unwinder.

Depending on demand, the speed of the unwinding is controlled and a corresponding length of fiber is stored in a buffer. The product-dependent wire lengths are cut at the first station of the processing machine.

All illustrations are exemplary and may show optional as well as specific equipment.

Intuitive user interface

The control system with touch screen has an intuitive user interface for easy and safe operation of the machine in different languages. The selection of different user roles and operating modes as well as machine networking functions enable flexible and modern process sequences.

High safety for the operator

The safety of the operator during processing of the crimping machine is ensured by a monitored safety device. Opening safety doors interrupts the electrical safety circuit, stopping all motors.

The machine fully complies with European directives, both in terms of mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Overview of the overall process

The individual processing steps on the wires are:

  • Unwinding and feeding the wire
  • Cutting to length and stripping
  • Spreading the wire
  • Crimping the conductors one after the other
  • Feeding the connector
  • Equipping the cores with the connector
  • Product quality control
  • Turning and labeling the cable