Efficient Terminal and Wire Processing

Schäfer offers modern crimping applicators and machines for production of high-performance crimp connections in terminal and wire processing. Crimp applicators with mechanical or pneumatic terminal feed are available. Individual applicators for customer-specific solutions enable, for example, forming or bending of terminals, simultaneous processing of two terminals or connecting of machined terminals.

Crimping Applicators for Belted Terminals

Crimping Applicators for Single Terminals

New Generation Crimping Applicators

Our new crimping applicators impress with numerous innovations in function, design, and usability. These various enhancements offer advantages for the preparation and the setup of crimping machines, making it easier and faster to achieve high precision in cable production. In the development of these new crimping applicators, our extensive experience played a significant role, allowing us to further optimize common functions for even easier operation. 

The new crimping applicators come in two versions: one with mechanical terminal feed and the other with pneumatic feed. This covers various wire processing applications, specifically enabling the crimping of terminals on wires with cross-sections of up to 6 mm². Designed for the standardized press closing height of 135.78 mm and attachment in the machine using the usual quick clamping device, they are suitable for use in our common crimping machines with up to 20 kN of press force.