Fully Automatic Crimping Machines

Schäfer offers fully automatic crimp machines for high productivity and various applications. On a modular platform different variants of Megomat machines were developed, to achieve maximum flexibility and meet customer specific requirements.

Product Examples

Crimping Machine Megomat 600

Fully automatic processing of wires with cross sections of 0.08 – 6 mm² for typical applications in the automotive industry

Crimping Machine Megomat 1000

Fully automatic processing of wires with cross sections of 0.08 – 8 mm² for special applications

User Interface WireStar

HMI Software for Fully Automatic Crimping Machines

Safe handling of automatic machines can be achieved via the modern WireStar user interface. The HMI software developed by Schaefer especially for this machine series supports ideal workflows and offers constant data availability from previous productions.

Optional Extensions

Shuttle System

Schäfer’s innovative shuttle system increases productivity by reducing machine downtime.

Crimping applicator and corresponding terminals are placed on the shuttle in the right sequence required for processing on the fully automated machine. The cart enables simple and fast shuttle handling at the setup station and the running machine.

Setup Station

At the setup station, the crimping applicators are set up for the next production job while production is still running.

Aided by the eccentric press and suitable operator software, operator can simulate crimping operations and transfer the parameters for new production jobs to the destinated machine via a network. Quality control equipment turns the setup station into a multifunctional work station.